Our partner, an international conveyor systems company of almost 100 years, has grown to become a leading international designer and manufacturer of industrial conveying systems and technology. During this time they have developed unrivalled expertise in the use of airport industry conveyors, baggage handling systems, bulk handling conveyors, cement industry conveyors, environmental industry conveyors, glassworks manufacturing conveyors, sugar processing conveyors and many more materials handling conveyors


Airport Conveyor Types include -:

• Dispatch Conveyors  • Weight Conveyors

• Belt Conveyors  • Baggage Carousels.

• Curve Conveyors.• Screw Conveyors.

Transport Conveyors.Baggage Handling Conveyors

.Check in Conveyors.

Other Items available include -:

• Check in Desks
• Weighscales
• Rear Access Walkways