Runway Construction and Repair

Wana can offer a variety of solutions to problems from the repair to the complete construction of new runways, taxiways and aprons.
Surface Treatments that have been especially developed to improve the friction in wet conditions (acc. to ICAO, Annex 14, and JAR-25 requirements) to prevent aquaplaning, and for shorter braking paths on wet or contaminated surfaces, directional stability with cross winds, improved grip in the presence of slush and ice film, protection of the surfaces, avoidance of FOD danger, resistance against chemical de-icing agents, fuel, heat and jet engine streams.

Main Features-:

• A special high grip surfacing for take-off and landing runways
• A special surfacing for asphalt taxiways
• Rough surfacing for concrete overruns, aprons and parking   aprons
• Flooring systems for hangars, shelters & warehouses.
• A steel mesh with Micro Surfacing for the strengthening of   asphalt or concrete surfaces with subsequent asphalt overlay.