Consultancy Services

Our partners can offer total airport solutions. Designed by experts of infrastructure and technical equipment. You will get an environment adapted for the various user groups at the airport and for the benefit of the travelers. In addition we offer maintenance contracts. The scope of involvement includes any combination of qualified technical services, turn-key projects, system integration, technical assistance, and maintenance services.

Technical areas are-: - Communication - Air Traffic Control Systems - Radar and Surveillance

Qualified services for each area are-:
- Project management
- Procurement assistance
- System design, software development,
  and system integration
- System safety anayasis

- Installation, commissioning
- System testing and performance verification
- Electromagnetic environment assessment
- Maintenance planning and services
- Training and documentation

General Consultancy Services are also offered in the following areas-:
- Air Cargo Facilities
- Airline Cargo Management
- Airline Operations
- Airline Restructuring
- Airport DevelopmentAirport Economics &
- Airport Management

- Airport Privatization
- Air Service Development
- Brand and Product
- Customer Loyalty
- Maintenance and Engineering
- Network Management
- Sales and Distribution